Anatomy of the Track

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The Lob Course features 9 Tracks. Every Track is unique. Examine the topography carefully and find your line.

You’ve Arrived at Track ONE… Now what!

step 1: Survey

Each of Lob’s 9 Tracks feature a distinct combination of elements – length, shape, topography and hazards. Like a long putt in golf, players must assess the location of the Perch, in relation to these elements,to determine their read.

step 2: Your Style

Palm down (bocce) or Palm up (bowl)?
It’s a true toss-up. See our style
guide below.

step 3: Lob

With one foot planted on a Lob Spot (yep, that’s a rule), players alternate lobbing their balls down the Track, toward the Perch. To be counted, each ball must cross the Line of Play.
Did your first Lob disappoint? We forgive you - all players receive two Lobs per Track, and your score is the sum of those two Lobs. The bigger the better.

step 4: Knock it

Someone else’s ball sitting pretty in the Perch?
Are you feeling a bit disruptive? Fair game. Knocking other balls is part of the fun, especially when you bump them into the gutter. No ball is safe ‘til the last ball’s been lobbed.

step 5: Mark and Move

Once ALL balls have been played, the groups exit the Lob Zone. Players, mark their combined scores on the scorecard, collect their balls and proceed to the next Track.

step 6: Group Therapy

The only thing better than playing
a round of bocce-golf at Lob – is talking
about the round you just played at Lob. Get
recharged with food, drink and banter
at Track 10.

How to Lob : Palm Down or Palm Up?

Bocce Style

The classic bocce form. The ball is held with palm facing the ground, providing more control of both speed and spin.
Spin and exact toss direction are
dictated by your wrist-action prior to ball release.
Throw like the pros.

Bowl Style

When finesse is not the primary objective, you may opt for a more
rudimentary underhand bowl technique. While this toss form may
not win many style points, it may be preferred when you have a
distinct line you want your ball follow along the Track – for example, to knock away an opponent’s ball. Palm up and knees bent, opposite (lead foot) slightly forward, with either foot planted in Lob Spot. Extend arm back, then swing it forward and release ball as it approaches elbow height.
Grip it and rip it.

GO for It